Zhiqiang Zou
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Zhiqiang Zou is currently an assistant professor of the Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University, China. He got his Ph.D. degree in International Relations in 2013, and he was an academic visitor to School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) at University of London in 2015. Prior to joining SISU in 2013, he served as a teacher at University of Shanghai for Science and Technology. In addition, he is a post-doctoral research fellow in politics science at Fudan University. He teaches undergraduate course of Middle East Politics and Economy. His research interest covers global economic governance and Middle East economy.


E-Mail: zzq8585@163.com

Telephone: 0086 21 35372777


Global Economic Governance

Middle East Economy


Ph.D. in International Relations (Shanghai International Studies University), 2013

M.A. in International Relations (Wuhan University), 2005

B.A. in Economics (Wuhan University), 2002



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