Research on the Arab think tanks under the background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”
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NAMEResearch on the Arab think tanks under the background of “the Belt and Road Initiative”


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Dr. Yi Li has published more than 40 academic papers in such great periodicals as Contemporary International Relations, Foreign Affairs Review, International Forum, West Asia and Africa, Religion and American Society, International Review, Ningxia Social Science, etc. She published four monographs, presided over 2 projects of National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation, was in charged with and completed a China Postdoctoral Fund Project, a project of the Humanities and Social Science of the Ministry of Education and a task assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and she also participate in and complete two major projects of the Ministry of Education Base.


Chapter I   Multidimensional Analysis of the Belt and Road Initiative

Chapter II  Think Tanks Exchanges in the Construction of the Belt and Road Initiative

Chapter III  The Summary of the Arab Countries Think Tanks

Chapter IV  The Main Think Tanks in the Arab Gulf Countries

Chapter V   The Main Think Tanks in the SHĀM Area

Chapter VI  The Main Think Tanks in North African Countries

Chapter VII  the Belt and Road Initiative”and China-Arab Think Tanks Cooperation

Chapter VIII  The Prospects of China-Arab Think Tanks Cooperation