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As a leading specialized institution in Middle Eastern studies in China, and with its global academic influence, the MESI of SISU focuses on major theoretical and practical issues of Middle Eastern studies, aiming to offer all-round intellectual support for China’s foreign policy-making toward the Middle East and China’s engagement in regional affairs, and to improve China’s voice in international circles of Middle Eastern studies.

The MESI has long taken perfection, innovation and unique insights as its academic pursuits. With our featured research areas and academic-oriented development concepts, a high-level research team, which has long been focusing on politics, security and culture of the Middle East and China’s Middle East diplomacy, has been assembled to be devoted to studying Middle Eastern issues, and solving the Middle East puzzles both theoretically and practically with new ideas, new perspectives and new methods.

The MESI is committed to setting up a global partner network of Middle Eastern studies, rooted in China and connected to the world, trying to become a high-level and internationalized platform for research and academic exchanges linking the Middle East, East Asia, the Europe and the U.S. Inspired scholars both at home and abroad are welcomed to join the MESI to promote China’s Middle Eastern studies together.

Director  Zhongmin Liu