Shu Meng & Aftab Hussain: “Political Turbulence Converged with Covid-19 – Algeria’s Structural Development Dilemma”, Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
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 Shu Meng & Aftab Hussain: Political Turbulence Converged with Covid-19 Algerias Structural Development Dilemma, Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies


Source:Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, Vol. 14, Issue 3, 2020

Abstract: Algeria is currently at a crossroads in its transformation, and the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has had a great impact on this country. The Algerian government responded relatively quickly to the pandemic, adopting strict prevention and control measures to contain the virus from spreading, economic measures to maintain stability, and preventive measures for post-pandemic problems. It firmly supported China in the pandemic and in return received a lot of assistance. Algeria has been facing political turbulence since early 2019. With the pandemic and turbulence intertwined, there are advantages and disadvantages for the Algerian government. On the one hand, the isolation caused by the pandemic suspended the protest movement and gave the Algerian government greater powers, including strengthening control of the country and strengthening surveillance. On the other hand, the pandemic has impacted Algerias economy and foreign trade, and highlighted social inequality. Although the leaders and government of Algeria have already been changed, its deep-rooted structural problems, which are both political and economic in nature, have not been resolved, the economic structure remains unbalanced, and the subsidy policy is still difficult to adjust.