Sun Degang: The Strategic Evolution of US Military Presence in Iraq
Publish time: 2014-07-30 Browsing times: 10

Source: GCC Relations with Post-War Iraq: A Strategic Perspective, Gulf Research Centre Cambridge, 2014

Abstract: Apart from Iraq, Obama attempted to build a soft military presence inother parts of the world as well. For instance, in January 2012, the USdeclared that it would establish a soft military presence, i.e., drone bases,in Ethiopia and in the Republic of Seychelles. On January 25, 2012, althoughWashington admitted that it had no interest in building military bases in thePhilippines, it was interested in cooperation in joint military exercises,anti-terrorism, and combating piracy. All these steps are in line with Obama’s“light footprint” strategy, of establishing a soft military presence similar tothe “lily pads” in Iraq.

Key Words: US Military Presence; Iraq; Military Bases