Jun Ding
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Jun Ding, Teaching assistant, Gansu Normal University for Nationalities, Hezuo, China (since 1986)

Teaching assistant, associate professor, professor, graduate student supervisor, Faculty of History and Culture, Northwest University for Nationalities, Lanzhou, China (since 1994)

Visiting Professor, Department of Religious Philosophy, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong (2008)

Professor, graduate student supervisor, doctoral supervisor, deputy dean, Faculty of Foreign Languages, director of Institute of Middle Eastern Culture Studies, North West University for Nationalities, Lanzhou, China (since2009)

Professor, doctoral supervisor, Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University (since 2015)

First prize of Teaching Achievement Award at Northwest University for Nationalities (2007); Second prize of Gansu Provincial Teaching Achievement Award (2008); Top Ten Educational Individual Award of Northwest University for Nationalities (2009); Selected member of New Century Excellent Talent Support Program, Ministry of Education of China (2008)

Projects Research Titles:

1. History Studies of Chinese Hui Muslim, Sponsored by State Ethnic Affairs Commission (SEAC), 2005-2009 (Completed)

2. Study on Contemporary Islamic Moderation, Sponsored by China National Social Science Fund, 2006-2010 (Completed)

3. Study on Dr. Yusuf al-Qaradawi and his moderation thought, Supported by Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University (NCET) Sponsored by Ministry of Education of China, 2008-2012 (Completed)

4. Religious Communication among China and Islamic Countries on the Silk Road, Sponsored by China National Social Science Fund, 2014-2017 (Active)


Email: aldingjun@163.com

Tel: 021-35372865


Professor and Doctoral Supervisor in Middle East Studies Institute(MESI) of Shanghai International Studies University(SISU),theHumanities and Social Sciences Key Research Base of Ministry of Education in China;

Honorary Director of the Institute of Middle Eastern Culture Studies of North West University for Nationalities;

Council Member of China Middle East Studies Association,China Religious Association,Sino-Iran Friendship Association and the Center for China-Arab States Cooperation Forum Studies;

Adjunct researcher of Islamic Culture Research Institute of Lanzhou University, Islamic Culture Research Institute of North West University for Nationalities, Research Center for Social Development of Islamic Countries of Hebei University.


Islamic Studies

Middle East Society and Culture Studies


Islam in China

Chinese Muslim: History and Culture


Bachelor of Arts: Chinese Language and Literature, Minzu University of China, Beijing, 1984.

Graduate Courses: World Literature, Beijing University, 1987.

Arabic Language and Literature Studies: Middle East Countries, 1988-1994.

Doctor of Philosophy: Arts. (Arabic Studies), Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), 2005



1.A Sightseeing on Islamic Culture: Gansu National Press (Lanzhou) 06/2002.

2.Basic Course to Arabic Culture: Press of Minzu University of China (Beijing) 10/2004.

3.Crossroads (translator): Shanghai Educational Press (Shanghai) 04/2005.

4.A Brief History of Arabic Language Teaching in China: China Social Sciences Press (Beijing) 09/2006.

5.On Islamic Culture: Gansu People’s Press (Lanzhou) 01/2007.

6.A Concise and Basic Course to Holy Koran: Religious Culture Press (Beijing) 10/2008.

7.A Brief History of Hui Muslim in China: National Press (Beijing) 03/2009.

8.History and Culture of the ArabGansu Peoples Press (Lanzhou) 06/2009.

9.Islam and Chinese Muslim’s Culture: Shanghai Classics Publishing House06/2014.

10.A Study on Contemporary Islamic Moderation Thought: China Social Sciences Press (Beijing) 08/2016.


Besides the books published above, published over 100 academic essays and journal articles, some of them are:

1.The Historical Tradition and Practical Significance of Chinese Muslim’s International Exchanges: Northwestern Journal of Ethnology (Quarterly), No.1.2016.

2.The Balance of Scripture and Reason: the Moderation thought in Islamic Philosophy: Journal of North West University for Nationalities, No.1.2016.

3.Understanding between Peoples of China and the Middle East Countries: Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (in Asia),Vol. 10, No. 2, June 2016.

4.Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and His Islamic Moderation: Studies in World Religions, Apr.No.152, No.2.2015.

5.“The Way of Truth and Loyalty” vs “The Middle Way”: Dialogue between Islamic Doctrines and Confucian Thoughts: Localization of Islam in China, Research Institute for the Humanities, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, 2015.

6.القواعد التاريخية والمفاهيم الواقعية للحوار بين الحضارتين الصينية والعربية: مجموعة الكلمات في الدورة الخامسة لندوة العلاقات العربية الصينية والحوار بين الحضارتين العربية والصينية لمنتدى التعاون العربي الصيني(يونيو عام 2013) دار النشر لمعارف العالم 05/2014.

7.The Rise and Fall of Muslim Brotherhood: Reports on Middle East Development (vol.2013),Current Affairs Press (Beijing), 04/2014.

8.Cultural Reconstruction in Middle East Countries: Journal of North West University for Nationalities, No.1.2012.

9.On Ijtihad and Cultural Innovation: Arab World Studies, No.2.2006.

10.Cultural Interpretation of Jihad and Oriental Studies in China: Foreign Language and Culture Studies, vol.4.Shanghai Educational Press (Shanghai) 12/2004.


Taught Arabic and Islamic studies, Middle East Studies and Chinese Muslim’s History and Culture to undergraduate and postgraduate students, Course titles: “The Introduction to Arab-Islamic Culture”, “The History of Islam”, “The Islamic Thought”, “Islam and Middle East Politics”, etc.


Fluent in Chinese, Arabic and English