Yi Li
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Yi Li is an Associate Research Fellow in the Middle East Studies Institute and work as the editor of Arab World Studies. Prior to joining MESI in 2001, Li served as an English teacher in Shanghai Jinyuan Senior High School. From October of 1996 to June of 1997, she went to Cairo University in Egypt for the further study. In addition to her studies work, she often teaches Tourist Culture of the Middle East in Shanghai International Studies University. After Li obtained the Ph.D. of Arabic language and literature of Shanghai International Studies University in June of 2009, she became a Postdoctoral fellow in International Relations and Public Affair Department of Fudan University. During this period of time, she came to the University of California, Santa Barbara as a visiting scholar of Department of Sociology.

Li’s expertise area is religion and international relations in the Middle East States, the Gulf States security situation, think tank of Arabic States etc. When she graduated from Shanghai International Studies University, she has published nearly 30 thesis in such great periodicals as “Contemporary International Relations”, “Foreign Affairs Review”, “International Forum”, “West Asia and Africa”, “Religion and American Society”, “International Review”, “Arab World Studies”, “Journal of Jiangnan Social University”, three of which were reprinted by “International Politics” of Renmin University of China. She published two monographs, presided over a National Philosophy and Social Science Foundation Project, was in charged with and completed a China Postdoctoral Fund Project, a project of the Humanities and Social Science of the Ministry of Education and a task assigned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and she also participate in and complete two major projects of the Ministry of Education Base.


Email: mesi521@shisu.edu.cn

Tel: 0086 21 35373288


Associate Research Fellow of the Middle East Studies Institute


Religion and international relations in the Middle East States, the Gulf States security situation, think tank of Arabic States etc.


Middle East religions, think-tanks in the Middle East


Ph.D., Shanghai International Studies University, 1995

M.A., Shanghai International Studies University, 1998

B.A., Shanghai International Studies University, 2009



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2. “Edward Said and Middle East Politics”, consisting of 340 thousand words, published by Shanghai People's Publishing House in January of 2015.


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Li teaches tourist culture in the Middle East to students in Shanghai International Studies University. Course title: “Tourist culture in the Middle East”.


Fluent in English and Arabic