Arab World Studies Listed in 2016 Important Journals of Reprinted Sources
Publish time: 2017-03-29 Browsing times: 11

On March 28, 2017, Renmin University of China Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences Research Results Evaluation & Seminar on Academic Evaluation and Disciplinary Development was held in Beijing. The forum released ranking reports on reprinted index and important authors of the reprinted sources.

According to the indexes released by the research center, more than 500 journals on humanities and social sciences are listed, including the Arab World Studies. After its reversion in 2016, eight articles of the Arab World Studies have been full-text reshipped by journals of Renmin University of China Reprinted Documents, such as International Politics and Chinese Diplomacy.

Research evaluation indexes published this year has drawn widely attention from academic circles, educational institutions and scholars in this regard. It has become the important reference and provided a new perspective for the evaluation of studies on humanities and social sciences in China.