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Dr. Yuan ZHANG is an Associate Professor at the Middle Eastern Studies Institute (MESI) of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU). Prior to employment in MESI, she was an Associate Professor at the Political Science Institute, East China University of Political Science and Law. Dr. Zhang received her Ph.D. of International Politics from Fudan University. She is also an adjunct Research Fellow of the Center for Religion and China’s National Security at Fudan University. She specializes on Regional Conflicts, Religion and International Security, Extremism and Terrorism. She visited East Asia Program, Cornell University, from Aug. 2013 to Aug. 2014.


E-mail: zyirt@yahoo.com

Tel: 0086 21 35373301


Associate Professor


Regional Conflicts, Religion and International Security, Extremism and Terrorism


Ph.D., International Politics, Fudan University, 2010

M.A., International Politics, Fudan University, 2007

B. A., International Politics, Shandong University, 2004


Associate Professor, Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University, 2017.4-present

Visiting scholar at the East Asia Program at Cornell University, 2013.8-2014.8

Postdoctoral Fellow, East China University of Political Science and Law, focused on Religion and the Rule of Law, 2010-2013

Visiting scholar at the Department of Political Science at University of Oregon, 2012.12-2013.3

Visiting scholar at International Center for Law and Religion Studies at Brigham Young University, 2013.3-2014.4

Associate Professor, Institute of Political Science, East China University of Political Science and Law, 2013.7-2017.4       

Assistant Professor, Institute of Political Science, East China University of Political Science and Law, 2010.1-2013.6      



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Graduate Courses

Religion and Political Science Studies

Modern Western Religious Studies

A History of Western Political Theory

Undergraduate Courses

Religion and Contemporary International Politics

Religious Congregations and Social Security


Native in Chinese, Fluent in English