CALL FOR PAPERS: The 6th International Forum on Asia and the Middle East
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1. 中东地区安全问题的现状与趋势;

2. 中东地区发展问题的现状与趋势;

3. 中东地区安全治理的历史经验;

4. 中东主要国家的发展战略与转型;

5. 中东主要国家的安全战略与政策;

6. 中东地区安全格局与安全结构;

7. 世界主要经济体与中东地区的发展;

8. 域外大国与中东地区安全;

9. 国际组织与中东地区的安全和发展;

10. 亚洲与中东地区的安全与发展;

11. “一带一路”与中东地区发展;

12. 与论坛主题相关的其他议题。


1. 201851前将拟提交的论文摘要(英文)和参会回执(见附件)以电邮附件形式发至zzq8585@163.com参会申请应包括英文标题、英文摘要(300字)、作者姓名、单位、联系方式和个人简介(100字以内)。

2. 201871前将拟提交的论文全文(英文)以电邮附件形式发至zzq8585@163.com论文应符合英文学术规范,字数在5000字以上。

组委会将在收到符合要求的论文摘要和参会回执后于两周内发出接受函。在收到符合要求的论文全文并通过评审后,将于2018715前发出正式的参会邀请函。经遴选的参会优秀论文将由国内外知名出版社结集出版,或者推荐至英文期刊Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies(《亚洲中东与伊斯兰研究》,英国Routledge出版)上发表。



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The 6th International Forum on Asia and the Middle East

“The Middle East Security and Development in the New Era”

Shanghai, China

September 15-16, 2018

Since the outbreak of the Arab Revolt in 2010, the Middle East has been afflicted with problems that go with conflicts, underdevelopment and the deficit of governance; security issues have become more intertwined with development in the Middle East, and have triggered increasing spillover effects. Traditional conflicts and non-traditional turmoils resulting from transformation have further added complexity to security governance and development in the region. Diversified security challenges and development problems in the Middle Eastern countries also test East Asian countries’ diplomacy toward the region, which is ushering a new era of its global partnership under the Belt and Road Initiative.

With this in mind, the Middle East Studies Institute at Shanghai International Studies University, Chinese Association for Middle Eastern Studies and the Middle East Centre at University of Oxford, will jointly host the 6th International Forum on Asia and the Middle East in Shanghai, China, on September 15-16, 2018 (Saturday and Sunday), with the theme of The Middle East Security and Development in the New Era.

We warmly welcome international experts of the Middle East academia to contribute to the great academic event; papers in any of the topic areas listed below or related areas are welcomed:

1. Current Situation and Trends of Security Issues in the Middle East;

2. Current Situation and Trends of Development Issues in the Middle East;

3. The History of Security Governance in the Middle East;

4. Development Strategies and Transformation of Countries in the Middle East;

5. Security Strategies and Policies of Countries in the Middle East;

6. Security Patterns and Structures of Countries in the Middle East;

7. Major Global Economies and Development in the Middle East;

8. Outside Powers and the Middle East Security Issues;

9. International Organizations and Middle East Security and Development;

10. Asia and Middle East Security and Development;

11. The “Belt and Road” Initiative and the Development in the Middle East;

12. Other Issues Concerned.

Deadline for the Submission of the Paper Proposal is May 1, 2018.

Participants are requested to submit the following documents before the deadline:

1. A proposal (in English) and a registration form (attached below) should be submitted by email to before May 1, 2018.The proposal should include the title and abstract of the paper (300 words min), name of the author and his institutional affiliation, email address and a brief C.V. (100 words max).

2. Full paper should be submitted in English by email to before July 12018. The length of submitted paper should be at least 5,000 words.

A confirmation letter will be sent 2 weeks after the submission of the proposal. After receiving and reviewing the full text of the paper, official invitation will be sent before July 15, 2018. Accepted papers, presented at the forum, will be compiled and be published by international publishers, or to be published by Asian Journal of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies (Published by Routledge).

All Experts, young scholars and Ph.D. candidates exploring the Middle East studies in China and the rest of the world are warmly welcomed.

Invited speakers will be exempt from the payment of accommodation and meals during the Forum. All the participants shall cover the costs of their travel to attend the Forum, such as air tickets, visa, local transport, etc.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Zhiqiang Zou (Zach). 

Coordinator: Dr. Zhiqiang Zou (Zach)


Tel.: 0086-21-35372777

Mobile: 0086-13636347371

Address: The Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University, 550 Dalian Road (W), 200083, Shanghai, China


The Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University, China

Chinese Association for Middle Eastern Studies, China

The Middle East Centre, University of Oxford, United Kingdom


Center for West Asia and Africa Studies, Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, China

Center of West Asia and North Africa Studies, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, China

Center for Turkish Studies, Shanghai University, China

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