Investment Environment Studies in Arab Countries
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NAMEInvestment Environment Studies in Arab Countries

PROJECT: Major Project of Key Research Bases of Humanities and Social Sciences, Ministry of Education

AUTHOR: Yang Yanhong, Editor-in-Chief

PUBLISHING HOUSE: University of International Business and Economics Press

PUBLISHING DATE: December 2021

PAGES: 240 pages




From the perspective of OFDI, this book focuses on the analysis of political security risks in several hotspots in Arab countries, and assesses and predicts the political security situation and future development in Arab countries, which helps Chinese enterprises investing in Arab countries to accurately grasp the development direction of the political security situation in Arab countries and do a good job of risk response.



Chapter 1 Overview of International Investment Environment Theory

Chapter 2 Construction of Comprehensive Investment Environment Index

Chapter 3 Analysis of Investment Environment in Gulf Arab Countries

Chapter 4 Analysis of the investment environment in the Maghreb region

Chapter 5 Investment Environment Analysis of Other Arab Countries

Chapter 6 Comprehensive Assessment of the Investment Climate Index for Arab Countries