Middle East Studies in the Perspective of Great Powers and Regions
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NAMEMiddle East Studies in the Perspective of Great Powers and Regions


PUBLISHER: World Knowledge Press

PUBLISHING DATE: December 2022 (released in April 2023)




Wang Bo, born in 1955 in Langxi, Anhui Province, is a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University. He is mainly engaged in research on international relations theory and relations between major powers and the Middle East. He received a BA from Anhui University, an MA from Beijing Normal University, an MA in History from California State University, San Diego, and a JD from Wuhan University (majoring in Political Science Theory). He was a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, and a Fulbright Senior Research Scholar at the School of International Affairs, Georgetown University, USA. He has published academic monographs, Contemporary American Culture in Perspective (1997), Political and Cultural Analysis of U.S. Foreign Policy (2001), Theory and Practice of the New U.S. Post-Cold War World Order (2005), The Iraq War and Reconstruction under U.S. Middle East Strategy (2007), Studies in EU Middle East Policy (2010), Great Powers and Middle East Relations ( 2013), Studies on Kurdish Issues in the Middle East (2014), Studies on Muslim Issues in Europe (2017), and Great Power Coordination on Hotspot Issues in the Middle East (2022), and has published more than seventy papers in core academic journals. has received special allowances from the State Council government since 2019.


Table of Contents

Previous Part: Great Powers and the Middle East

A Study on the Construction of Chinese Diplomatic Thought on the Middle East in the New Era

The Influence of the American Christian Right on U.S. Middle East Policy

A Pilot Analysis of Intrinsic Kinks in the U.S.-Iran Conflict and Ways to Resolve Them

The Battle for the Gulf Security Order as Conceived by the United States and Iran

A Study of the Current U.S. Strategic Adjustment in the Middle East

Analysis of U.S. Policy Failures and Setbacks in the Postwar Political Reconstruction of Iraq

An Analysis of the Post-Iraq War Scenarios of the U.S. and Europe in Establishing a Subregional Security Order in the Middle East

Study on EU-GCC Energy Cooperation

Regional Economic Cooperation in the Middle East under the EU's Facilitation

The Establishment and Development of the EU-Gulf Countries Partnership

The Role of the EU in the Future Settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

The Kurdish Question in Turkey's EU Accession Process

Analysis of the Intrinsic Linkages in the Development of Turkish-European Relations after the U.S.-Iraq War

The Development of Turkey's Relations with the U.S. and the EU before and after the Iraq War

The Far-Reaching Impact of Russian Airstrikes on the Islamic State

The Impact of Climate Change Politics on Gulf States

Next Part: Regional Politics in the Middle East

Current Sectarian Geopolitical Patterns and Conflicts in the Middle East

Religio-political implications of the rise of the Shiite Crescent in the Gulf region

Iran's vision and efforts to establish a sub-regional security order in the Persian Gulf

A Pilot Analysis of Iran's Foreign Policy toward Iraq after the Iraq War

The Development of Party Politics in the Post-War Political Reconstruction of Iraq

Political Transformation in the Post-Reconstruction Period of Iraq: Centralization or Local Partition?

The New Crisis of Kurdish Separatism in the Post-Reconstruction Period of Iraq

Changes and Developments in Kurdish Separatist Tendencies in Post-War Iraq

Analysis of Internal and External Factors in the Evolution of Turkey-Iran Relations

Analysis of the Causes of the Current Crisis in Relations between Turkey and Israel

Where the Kurds Are Headed After Receiving Western Military Aid

A Study of Syrian Kurdish Party Politics

A Study of Foreign Militants in the Syrian Civil War

Political Developments Before and After the Syrian Kurdish Civil War