Jordan's Political Development and Diplomatic Choices since the New Century
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NAMEJordan's Political Development and Diplomatic Choices since the New Century

AUTHOR: Zhang Yuan

PUBLISHER: Current Affairs Press





Since its independence, Jordan has been an oasis of security in the Middle East, a country with a generally stable political situation. Jordan's constitutional monarchy, in which the king holds extensive real power, has not been shaken by the 2011 turmoil in West Asia and North Africa. The process of modernizing and democratizing Jordanian politics has been progressing very slowly due to the economic situation, political traditions, indigenous culture, tribal traits, and the surrounding political and security environment. While popular voices have to some extent contributed to political innovation in Jordan, political reform is still largely top-down led by the King. Jordan's will for political reform has become increasingly weak due to the urgent need to revive the economy. Jordanian diplomacy is typically a small and balanced diplomacy, where national power constrains the exercise of diplomatic strength. The international community expects Jordan to play a greater role in resolving the Palestinian issue, promoting peace talks in Syria, and jointly fighting terrorism.



Zhang Yuan, PhD in International Politics from Fudan University and Postdoctoral Fellow in Law from East China University of Political Science and Law. She is currently a researcher and doctoral supervisor at the Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University, an associate editor-in-chief of Arab World Studies, and a member of the Scientific Research Committee of the Academic Committee of Shanghai International Studies University. She has published more than sixty papers in academic journals at home and abroad, including World Economy and Politics, World Religious Studies, World Ethnicity, etc. Her main publications include Religious Functional Units and Regional Violent Conflicts, Religion and Rule of Law Construction in the Post-terrorism Era, and she has presided over and completed a number of National Social Science Foundation projects and provincial and ministerial social science projects.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Jordan's Political Structure and Dilemmas

Jordan's Political Process and Security Policy Preferences

Jordan's Political and Economic Landscape and the Latent Crisis

Diplomatic Achievements Contributing to Jordan's Political Stability

Chapter 2: Centralized Executive Power

The Holy Family and the King in Power

Executive Decentralization

The Administrative Organization of a Strong Royal Power and a Weak Cabinet

Chapter 3: The Balance of Power Outside the Royal Family

The National Assembly and the Vesting of Legislative Power

The King's Senate

The House of Representatives with Limited Role

The Embodiment of Western Parliamentary Culture in Jordan and its Deviations

Chapter 4: Jordanian Political Parties and Their Limitations

Multi-Party System within the Constitutional Monarchy

Party Mobilization and Voter Preferences in Jordan

Pluralism but Difficult Cooperation

Chapter 5: The Logic of Balanced Diplomacy in Small States

The Diligent King in the Diplomatic Arena

Balanced Diplomacy in Small States

The Survival of Small States in the Competition of Regional Powers

Bilateral Relations between China and Jordan

Chapter 6: Jordanian-Palestinian-Israeli Relations

Jordan and Palestine

Jordan and Israel

Jordan and the United States

Chapter 7 Jordan and International Organizations

Jordan in the Organization of Islamic Cooperation

Jordan in the Arab League

Jordan in the United Nations

Jordan and the European Union

Jordan and the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf

Chapter 8: Prevention and Control of the Century Epidemic and Domestic Governance in Jordan

Overview of the Epidemic in Jordan (2020-2021)

Epidemic Prevention and Control and the Slow Progress of Political System Reform

Political Culture under the Pressure of Epidemic Prevention and Control

International assistance to combat the epidemic

Promoting Community Inclusion through Epidemic Prevention and Control Policies

Chapter 9: Global Cooperation and Jordan's Vision

Global Cooperation Vision

The Security Constraints of the Middle East Region under the Global Cooperation Perspective

Jordan's Vision