Huang Renwei: Geopolitical and Geo-Economic Risk Study of "One Belt, One Road" (June 12)
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Middle East Studies Institute of Shanghai International Studies University


Lecture 116 of Think Tank Construction Series

Speaker:Professor Huang Renwei, Executive Vice President, Institute of Belt, Road and Global Governance, Fudan University

Moderator: Ding Jun, Professor and Director, Middle East Studies Institute, Shanghai International Studies University

Time: June 12, 2023 (Monday), 10:00am-11:30am

Venue: Conference Room 704, Research Building, Hongkou Campus, Shanghai International Studies University

Speaker Introduction: Professor Huang Renwei, Executive Vice President of the Institute of Belt, Road and Global Governance of Fudan University, former Vice President of the Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences, Vice President of the China Society of International Relations, Vice Chairman of the Belt and Road Research Branch of the Chinese Higher Education Society, Decision-making Consultant of the Shanghai Municipal People's Government, and recipient of a special expert allowance from the State Council in 2001.