Editorial Experts of West Asia and Africa visited MESI of SISU
Publish time: 2023-06-18 Browsing times: 38

On the morning of June 16, 2023, Associate Researcher Zhan Shiming, Director of the Editorial Department of West Asia and Africa, and Editorial Reviewer An Chunying, Managing Editor-in-Chief of West Asia and Africa, Institute of West Asia and Africa, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, visited the Middle East Studies Institute (MESI) of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU) to hold working exchanges and academic seminars with the editorial department of Arab World Studies and the faculty and students of the Institute. Zhang Yuan, Liu Shengxiang, Ding Long, Fan Hongda, Li Yi, Zhao Jun, Bao Chengzhang, Han Jianwei, Wen Shaobiao and other researchers and some master and doctoral students of the Institute attended the seminar.

Researcher Zhang Yuan, Associate Editor-in-Chief of Arab World Studies, welcomed the visit of the editorial board of West Asia and Africa, and Associate Researcher Li Yi, Associate Editor-in-Chief and Editorial Director, briefly introduced the journal construction of Arab World Studies to the guests. The two sides discussed the key directions of the journal, the requirements for manuscripts, the review and publication process, and the editorial work. Associate Researcher Zhan Shiming and Editorial Reviewer An Chunying also made a presentation on the construction of the journal West Asia And Africa, and also gave guidance to the master and doctoral students present on thesis writing, and gave valuable suggestions on the submission issues of concern.

During the exchange seminar, the editorial departments of Arab World Studies and West Asia and Africa also formed a consensus on further strengthening mutual contacts and promoting mutual cooperation in the future. Both sides will deepen communication and exchange in policy learning, journal practice and academic research to jointly improve the quality of journal operation and better serve academic research and discipline construction in related fields.