Liu Shengxiang, Tang Tanqi: The Principle of Indivisible Security and Its Implementation Pathways—— Exploration of the Global Security Initiative
Publish time: 2023-09-19 Browsing times: 17

Source: Journal of International Security Studies, No.5, 2023

Abstract: The principle of indivisible security is an important principle of the Global Security Initiative. This concept has gone through four stages of development: indivisibility of peace, indivisibility of European security, indivisibility of Russia Atlantic security, and indivisibility of global security. Theoretically, it advocates the indivisibility of inter-subjective security, the indivisibility of Security Risk Complex, and the indivisibility of a global security society. Practically, it advocates the indivisibility between individual security and common security, between traditional security and non-traditional security, between security rights and security obligations, and between security and development. The Global Security Initiative is based on a balanced, effective, and sustainable security architecture aimed at promoting the indivisible and universal security for the international community through threat-driven, interest-driven, and identity-driven approaches. The principle of indivisible security reflects the core values of the Global Security Initiative, which are China’s efforts to contribute to world peace, prosperity, and stability.

Key Words: Principle of Indivisible Security, Global Security Initiative, security dilemma, realism