Two think tanks of SISU awarded the “ Top 100 University Think Tanks of CTTI” A certificate
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On Dec. 22, the 2018 China Think Tank Governance and Ideological Communication Summit Forum, jointly organized by Nanjing University and Guangming Daily, was held in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province. At the conference, two think tanks of Shanghai International Studies University (SISU), the Middle East Studies Institute and Research Center for Global Public Opinion of China, were awarded the “ Top 100 University Think Tanks of Chinese Think Tank Index  (CTTI)” A certificate, and ranked among the Top 15 “Think Tanks in Area Studies and International Relations”in terms of PAI (Product, Activity and Impact) score in 706 CTTI source think tanks. The article of Professor Liu Zhongmin from the Middle East Studies Institute was named one of the 30  2018 CTTI Outstanding Achievements”.

The “China’s Think Tank Governance Forum” is a professional forum co-organized by the China Think Tank Research and Evaluation Center at Nanjing University and the Think Tank Research and Release Center of Guangming Daily. It aims to build a new type of think tank community with the principle of openness, cooperation and sharing, and holds its annual meeting in December each year since 2016. The theme of this year’s forum is “Construction of Think Tanks: Facilitating Reform and Opening up and High-quality Development”. The afternoon agenda consists of three meetings. At the same time, six parallel sub-forums were held according to the type of the think tanks. Professor Liu Zhongmin, director of the Middle East Studies Institute of SISU was invited to deliver a keynote speech in the fifth sub-forum.

CTTI, the Chinese Think Tank Index, is a system used for Chinese think tank data management and search co-developed by Nanjing University and Guangming Daily. Currently. It includes 706 institution, and the 441 university think tanks, which take up 62% of the total number. Five SISU-affiliated think tanks – the Middle East Studies Institute, the Research Center for Global Public Opinion of ChinaCentre for British Studies, Research Center for Foreign Language Planning and Policy and Institute of Silk Road Strategy Studies – are included in CTTI.

It is reported that in China, four highly-recognized systems and institutions related to the evaluation of think tanks are CTTI, the Academy for Evaluation of Social Sciences in China, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences and Sichuan Academy of Social Sciences.